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Canadian Polish Congress / Kongres Polonii Kanadyjskiej

logo The Canadian-Polish Congress (KPK), is an umbrella organization founded in 1944 by Polish-Canadians in Canada to coordinate the activities and to articulate the concerns of the Canadian Polish community on public policy issues. Over 200 organizations belong to the Canadian Polish Congress including The Polish Institute of Arts & Science in Canada, Polish Combatants' Association, Polish National Union of Canada, Polish Alliance of Canada, Polish-Canadian Women's Federation, the Polish Teacher's Association, Association of Polish Engineers in Canada, Millennium Foundation, and the Scouting movement. Many other organizations are smaller in size, but no less important to the community.The Canadian Polish Congress aims to reflect the voice of over 800,000 Canadians of Polish ancestry.

Canadian Polish Millennium Fund / Fundusz Wieczysty Milenium Polski Chrześcijańskie

Canadian Polish Millennium Fund of Canada

The Canadian Polish Millennium Fund was created to commemorate the millennial anniversary of Christianity in Poland observed in 1966.  Initiated at a General Convention of representatives of the Polish community in Canada in 1960, the Fund was created by Letters Patent issued in 1964.
The goal of the Fund is to promote the Polish culture in Canada and to preserve the Polish language.  The objectives of the fund include aiding and encouraging education among people of Polish origin and descent, establishing scholarships and fellowships for students, financing the publication of scientific and literary works relating to Polish history and culture, supporting Polish schools, libraries, academic institutions, Polish Scouts and other Polish community youth organizations in Canada.

For more information:  www.millenniumfund.ca

Polish Canadian Womens Federation


fed kobiet

The Polish Canadian Womens Fedation was founded in 1956 in order to organize women of Polish origin for the purpose of preserving their cultural values and makinga positive contribution to Canadian society.
The organization is charitable in character and based on democratic and Christian principles.


Polish Combatants Association of Canada (SPK


polish combatants association of canada

The Polish Combatants Association is an international association of Polish ex-servicemen and women, formed in Italy after the end of World War Two when Poland fell under Communist control.  There are many branches throughout Canada


Association of Polish Engineers in Canada


polish engineers of canada

Beginnings of the Association of Polish Engineers in Canada (SIP) reach the first years of World War II.  SIP provides members with a common platform for cooperation, exchange of knowledge and views, creative activities on professional, cultural and social matters, including cooperation with other Polish-Canadian organizations.  The association of Polish Engineers in Canada maintains several branch offices in Canada.

Polish National Union of Canada


polish national union of canada

Polish National Union of Canada is a fraternal organization working for the good of Canada and the Polish nation. The Union has branches throughout Canada


Polish Scouting Association in Canada


Polish Scouting Association in Canada plain logo

Polish Scouting Association established outside of Poland is a continuation of the ideological and organization started in 1910 in Poland by Andrzej Malkowski and Olga Drahonowską-Małkowska and a triple service - to God, our neighbours and Poland.
By the end of 1939 there were 31 organized scout troops in Canada. The Polish Scouting Association in Canada is made up of 4 organizations, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Senior Scouts and the Friends of Polish Scouting. Each of these organizations follows the Regulations of Polish Scouting.



Polish Teachers Association of Canada


polish teachers association of canada

In 1962, the Cultural and Educational Committee of the Canadian Polish Congress, at a meeting of teachers and education workers Polish community in Toronto, founded the Polish Teachers Association in Canada.
The Polish Teachers Association is an organization whose primary task is to care for increasingly higher levels of learning our beautiful language in a foreign country as well as maintaining the tradition of Polish, Polish national heritage and pride from the fact that we are Poles.